Thursday, October 22, 2015

Do you HATE your pillow top mattress?

I HATE my pillow top mattress.

It was an expensive purchase, but I thought my pillow top mattress was terrific for the first year after I bought it.  Then I realized the top is a pillow that cannot be refluffed.  If you are a male who weighs more than 130 pounds or so, that means your upper body will slowly create a "trench" in the pillow top.  If you sleep in the same position all night, that might not be a problem.  But if you are "an active sleeper" like I am, i.e., someone who rolls over from time to time and shifts around to get into a more comfortable position, it creates a serious problem.  You find you are not only sleeping in a narrow trench, you can feel every bump in the bottom of the "trench."  And it is very difficult to roll over when you are sleeping in a narrow trench.  There is no longer a "pillow top" where you sleep.  If you try to sleep outside of the "trench," it's like sleeping on the side of a hill.  You'll just end up rolling into the "trench." 

I'm not the only person who has problems with pillow top mattresses.  Click HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE for a few web pages created by other people who also HATE their pillow-top mattresses.

Unlike a regular mattress, you cannot turn the pillow top mattress over when you've created a "trench" on one side.  There is only one usable side to a pillow top mattress.  

You can, however, laterally rotate the mattress 180 degrees, putting the head of the mattress where the foot of the mattress was.  But that just creates a DIFFERENT problem.  If you are male, the trench was most deeply dug under the upper part of your body - your chest and shoulders - the heaviest part.  So, when you've rotated the mattress, you find that the upper part of your body is on a pillow top mattress that is almost like new, BUT your legs and feet are in a trench.  It's like sleeping on the bed while your legs and feet are on a chair next to the bed. 

I found that I could temporarily "solve" that problem by laying pieces of a thin foam mattress pad into the "trench" to fill it up.  But, after a few months I had created a NEW "trench" under the upper part of my body.  And then I had to fill that trench with pieces of foam mattress pad, too.  Then you start having problems with the foam being uneven and in the wrong places.

Right now, I'm experimenting to see if I can get the foam pieces into the right places AND cover it all with a complete foam mattress pad AND a mattress cover.  If you get a foam mattress pad that is too thick, you have a bed that is too soft.  That can be worse than sleeping in a trench.          

I could just buy a new (regular) mattress, but I haven't given up on trying to find a "fix" for my pillow top mattress.  It's become a science project.

I just don't understand why more people aren't making a roaring fuss over the STUPIDITY of stores selling pillow top mattresses without giving CLEAR WARNINGS that they may not be suitable for males who weigh more than 130 pounds.  The heavier you are, the more problems you'll probably have with any kind of mattress, but I'm 6 feet tall and weigh 185 pounds, which is not overweight.  I'm just too heavy for a pillow top mattress, and I SHOULD HAVE BEEN WARNED.    

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