Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Experiments to resolve the conflict between Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

It appears that exactly identical radar guns can resolve a lot of science arguments.  One of the most absurd arguments made by Quantum Mechanics mathematicians is that motion can only be measured relative to some object.

That means that if you have two people inside a moving truck, the two people are stationary because there is no object moving relative to them.  It doesn't make any difference if they have a cell phone and talk with the driver who tells them what speed the truck is traveling, according to Quantum Mechanics they are stationary.

Einstein saw that that was STUPID.  And he realized that motion can be measured relative to the speed of light.  Light is always emitted at c, and light always travels at c, which is 670,616,629 miles per hour.  That is the fastest that anything can travel, so all other speeds can be measured relative to that speed. 

Radar guns measure the speeds of earthly objects relative to the speed of light.  In the illustration above, two men with radar guns are pointing their radar guns at each other while the truck moves at 30 mph.  

Einstein's second postulate says that light is always emitted at c, regardless of the speed of the emitter.  So, both radar guns in the illustration emit photons at c.  Radar GUN-A receives photons from GUN-B at c+v because Gun-A is moving toward those oncoming photons.  Radar GUN-B receives photons from GUN-A at c-v because GUN-B is moving away from the oncoming photons.

In Figure 1, both identical guns are moving inside a truck that is moving from left to right at 30 mph.  Each gun will read the speed of the opposite wall as a ground speed of zero, but it will also read the photons coming from the other gun as the speed of a target.  Gun-A will measure a speed of 30 mph.  Gun-B will measure a speed of -30 mph.

In Figure 2, Gun-B is outside of the truck and the two guns fire as they line up via a  hole in the side of the truck.  Gun-A receives photons from Gun-B at c+v where v is the speed of the truck.  So, it again measures the speed of the truck.  Gun-B receives photons Gun-A at c, because (per Einstein's Second Postulate) the speed of the emitter does not change the speed of the photons that are emitted.  If no photons bounce off the EXTERIOR of the truck, Gun-B would measure NO speed for the truck.

For more details see my paper at this link:   https://vixra.org/pdf/2009.0124v1.pdf

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