Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Newly Released Photos from Apollo Moon Landings

While browsing the Huffington Post web site, I came across an article titled "Now You Can Watch Amazing Stop Motion Video of Apollo Space Missions."  That video led me to the Project Apollo Archive on Flicker.  And that in turn led me to the page that shows the available albums of photos from the Apollo missions.  I don't know how many images there are, but they number in the many hundreds, they are full size and they are in the public domain.  Most may never have been released to the public before. 

As an example, here is a 1600 x 1569 pixel photo from Apollo 11 Magazine 40/S:
You can click on the link above to see how large it really is.  It's 4048 x 3968 pixels, but Google won't allow me to provide a picture that large on this blog.  Of course, you can download the pictures and crop them or resize them to fit your needs.  Here's a cropped shot I created from an original in the Apollo 16 Magazine 107/C album:
The photos include dozens of shots of the earth taken during the trip to the moon and from orbit around the moon.  An example:
I could go on and on.  But,  I recommend that you view the images yourself at your leisure.  If you are a science nut like me, you'll want to save copies.  If you are not familiar with the way works, it may take a few minutes to figure out how to best go through the albums and how do download pictures, but it's definitely worth the effort.

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