Thursday, November 5, 2015

Antares October 28, 2014 explosion pictures

Skimming through The Huffington Post this morning, I came across a story titled "NASA Releases Stunning New Images Of 2014 Antares Rocket Disaster."   The article shows this image:

It is indeed a "stunning" image.  So, naturally I hunted for the link to the NASA flickr site where the full size image would be available.  There was no link in the article.  There was a link to a Huffington Post article from October 31, 2014 which shows this animated gif of the explosion.

So, I did a Google search for NASA-flickr and that led me to Flickr's NASA HQ Photo page.  There, I clicked on "Albums" and started hunting for the "stunning" pictures of the Antares explosion.  I did a search for "Antares" and found all the images from the Huffington Post article and more.  Here are some of them (you can click on them to see larger versions, but you need to go to the NASA Flickr "Orb 3 Mission album" site to see the biggest collection of full size versions I could find):

I never cease to be amazed by what is available via the Internet.  I save these pictures as if they are as valuable as gold, but they are free and instantly available to anyone and everyone on the Internet.  The only advantage to saving them is that if I want to view them again, I don't have to hunt for them again.

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